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Friday, February 17, 2012


At the Bead Society of New Hampshire on Sunday, there were four bead store owners/managers on the panel.   We spoke on saving money while beading and so many tips were offered.  The appreciation was felt and we all had a good time .
Some of the tips included:

  • Checking prices between box stores and bead stores, big box stores tend to put their money into packaging therefore giving you smaller amounts of beads.  What I've found when comparing is that per bead you pay less at our store. 
  • Seed beads take longer to work with to develop the stitches and design, so you are saving money per hour.
  • Organize your supplies so you don't re-buy what you already have.
  • Plan ahead, go to the store with a project in mind, a list, and a budget.
  • Take classes to develop a good knowledge of how to do techniques, then you won't have to re-do projects.
  • Practice techniques in wire working with inexpensive copper cored wire, then move into sterling and gold filled.
  • Be informed, watch your local bead store's website, blog, and Facebook for specials, sales, coupons and ask if they have frequent buyer cards.  We have a bead card where after 5 purchases you get the average of those 5 purchases FREE in beads, and all you have to do is ask for it!!!

The general consensus was to remember to support your local bead store because they go the extra mile for you, with personal service, helping with ideas, solutions to problems, offering classes, and ordering special things for you, therefore saving you lots of time and money.  When we go to shows we high-grade by hand picking the best in quality for you, we do not mail order any stones or pearls.